Welcome to Gravity Therapeutic

Welcome to Gravity Therapeutic Bodywork. Your premiere health and wellness clinic!

At Gravity Theraputic Bodywork we specialize in the following:

          - Theraputic Massage                      - Aston Patterning®

          - Structural Intergration                    - pH Coaching 

          - Reflexoligy                                      - PSYCH-K®

Gravity Therapeutic Bodywork is a therapy clinic located at 39 St Anne's Rd.  Gravity Therapeutic specializes in overall health and well being through a variety of treatments. Our wide range of services are designed to help anyone!

From those living with various ailments that wish to live a better quality of life, to those already living a healthy lifestyle that wish to explore new and exciting ways to take their health one step further.

Gravity Therapeutic Bodywork has something for everyone!

Please, take some time to explore the website!

Outside Gravity Therapeutic This website offers detailed information on each of the services we offer here at the clinic as well as additional resources and materials for further research into each of the services we offer.  If you have any further questions or would like to schedule an appointment with us feel free to contact us at (204) 791-0075.

Of interest:  Genetically Engineered Foods and Human Health - A Cross-Canada Speakers' Tour.  Click here for the poster.

Published on  April 9th, 2015