pH Coaching

The pH Miracle Theory

There is only one physiological state of imbalance - the over-acidification of the blood then tissues, due to an inverted way of living, eating and thinking.

“This over - over acidification leads to cellular degeneration and the birth of microorganisms, that generate acids that produce the symptoms we call 'disease ' " --Dr. Robert O Young

Food, Drinks, Lifestyle, etc. can cause acidity. Charelton will coach clients on foods, drinks, supplements, products, and lifestyle choices that are Alkalizing.

Charelton will coach clients on how to do an Alkalizing Whole body Cleanse/Blended feast. "When the fish is sick change the water.” -- Dr. Robert O Young.

Charelton will coach clients on how to transition from acidic lifestyle choices to an Alkalizing/energetic one.

Charelton does not diagnose, prescribe or treat for any specific conditions.

Published on  May 14th, 2014