So what are people saying about Charelton Kubera and Gravity Therapeutic Bodywork?  Here are just a few testimonials from Charelton's clients:

"After the series of ten, I felt more relaxed and energetic"

-Dr. C. Hajer MD

'Thanks for using your training & skills to contribute to the second chance it seems I'm getting.  You always made me feel at ease in potentially awkward situations and now I'm feeling so much better."

-Barb Unger

          "I decided to give Structural Integration a try to help deal with the aches and pains from my physical disability and to see if the therapy would help me function better. Having been a supporter of chiropractics for over 10 years, I felt the need to try something new as my body was continuing to weaken and change as my muscles compensated for the weakness. For the first time in years, I wake up without the aches I once felt in the mornings. I feel as if I have a better connection with my body and have seen many changes in the appearance of my body through the course of the sessions. I am very happy with the results of my sessions with Charelton and would recommend his services to anyone who suffers with pain or would like to become more aware of their body."
-Jess Turner, FSH Muscular Dystrophy

          "I felt the difference in my body tension immediately -- significant increase in awareness, flexibility, and energy, with the Ten Series of SI."
-Dr. Charles Johnson 

          "For over two years I was treated by a couple physical therapists, received acupuncture, and trigger point injections for a chronic neck and shoulder injury sustained on my job of 22 years. After being told to take the medication and live with "limited range of motion" since I was 54 at the time, "face it, you can't do everything you used to do", I wasn't ready to accept this diagnosis. Charelton was my second Structural Integration Practitioner and I could tell by his examination of my entire body, that his approach was not limited to one specific area but the entire alignment and muscle patterns of my body. I was skeptical of this approach since the medical professionals had been treating only my chronic neck and shoulder pain period. I began to experience positive results, particularly long lasting benefits, thanks to Charelton's knowledge and caring approach. I can move my body in the manner I hoped for since I am now 56. I feel like a new person and highly recommend Charelton for an evaluation if you're sick and tired of pills and physical therapy that don't address your entire body mechanics."
-Laura Ng
Santa Fe, New Mexico

          "It's been 10 years of searching for a solution to the problem with my left foot.  The search started with my general practitioner who sent me to a podiatrist who determined that I had "plantar fasciitis".  He recommended stretching exercises which I did for months without any positive results.  My condition was so severe that I could not go for even a short walk in the mall with my wife.  I had played tennis most of my life but I had to cancel my tennis membership as it was impossible to walk on the court and running for a tennis ball was out of the question. The podiatrist also recommended that I change my footwear so that there was more support for the soles of my feet and he recommended orthotics for both feet.  So I went out and bought new shoes and spent almost $400.00 on orthotics.  Still the pain in the bottom of my left foot persisted.  I went for physiotherapy in hopes that I could obtain some relief but after more than six sessions and hundreds of dollars there was no change.  I tried acupuncture and finally had some relief as long as I was lying on the table with the acupuncture needles in my foot.  However, 15 minutes after receiving the treatment the pain was back.  I then tried laser therapy where a low level laser was used to break up the scar tissue in the muscle of my foot.  Still no relief.  I learned to live with constant low level pain in my foot and to walk only short distances.  I eventually enrolled in a yoga class at the Reh-fit Centre where the instructor recommended that I see Charelton Kubera at Gravity Threapeutic Bodywork. As a result my life has changed dramatically!  I am back playing tennis again and have started to play golf.  Walks at the mall with my wife are pleasant and painless.  I can sit and read the paper without feeling pain in my foot.  So I give Charelton Kubera the full credit in resolving my problem and drastically improving my quality of life.
Thank you Charelton!"
-Lynwood Madder 

          I was referred to Charelton for massage therapy 2 years ago after trying to manage  chronic back problems due to repetitive soft tissue injuries. I had initially injured my back 33 years ago while nursing. Due to my most injury I had been unable to work for 8 months before I went to see Charelton. I was extremely cautious in having anyone massage my back because previous massages had caused back spasms. Charelton was patient, thorough, professional & most of all effective. He was able to use deep tissue massage techniques without causing any back spasms (or bruises like other massage therapists had caused). Over time I have noticed relief in the chronic discomfort & increased flexibility. He has taught me how to sit, stand, walk & exercise more effectively. I have no hesitation in referring anyone to Charleton for assessment & therapy."
-Sharon Enns

Published on  April 9th, 2015